What’s Your Travel Personality?

Have you ever asked someone what their ideal travel destination was and thought, “why would you ever want to go there?” You may be suffering from a case of opposing travel personality types!  Your travel personality type can not only determine where you will go and what you will see, but it could also influence who you choose to travel with. Besttripchoices.com has gathered all the data necessary for us to determine where we fall on the travel personality scale. Curious? Scroll below to see what the different types are, and take a quiz to find out where you fit in! Comment below with your quiz results.


If you fall under the traditional category, you may be the most dependable one in your friend group. You value consistency and a sense of routine. Through your stability, you always know where to seek out the high- quality, reliable spots. Some of the top destinations for you are Honolulu, Arizona, and Australia. A traditional is the glue that keeps the trip together! To find out more about traditionals, head over to http://besttripchoices.com/travel-personalities/authentic/


Besttripchoices.com describes a venture as “someone who ventures forth very eagerly and excitedly”. You want to find all the new, unique spots before they become the next trendy tourist terminus.  You are extremely curious, and have a fascination for different cultures. Hot spots for venturers to visit are Alaska, Colorado, and Chile! The full venture description is below-



“Laid back, calm, easygoing, happy-go-lucky, unruffled, untroubled, informal, unceremonious, casual, and carefree”, wow you guys have it made! A Sightseer has an easygoing approach to life, which inherently makes others comfortable to be around them. You have a wide social circle and love travel where you can meet others and swap stories.



A Pioneer is similarly related to a Venturer. You pursue unique and interesting travel, however, you’re not quite as much of a thrill seeker. You love history, and the old, lesser known cities may catch your eye. You have no problem with adventure travel, but don’t necessarily need the intense thrill seeking others may enjoy. Boston, Alaska, and Argentina may be cities on your travel bucket list!



Journeyers, you’re in good company as one of the two largest personality groups on the scale! You are stable, reliable, and value common sense. On trips, an escorted tour may be your activity of choice. For the best time, consider taking a cross-country road trip! You can check out the details in the link below.



Last, but certainly not least (I promise!) are Voyagers. You are easygoing, interested, and willing to try a recommended travel destination. You prefer a diverse array of choices when considering travel destinations, and are always looking for a fresher option than most overcrowded tourist destinations. Maine, Bermuda, and Brazil may be on your “must-go” list of destinations.



How could you not be curious to find out what type of traveler you are now? We’ll make it easy and provide a direct link to the quiz. Don’t forget to comment with your results!



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