Even if you’re not a dog owner, you probably still know how amazing these animals are. They’re loyal; they will always love you the most; and they know how to cheer you up. Plus, they take great photos and are just plain adorable!

When you consider their personality traits, dogs make excellent business mentors. They have a high level of patience, and never give up. When it comes to personal boundaries, dogs don’t really have any; so they tend to be very accepting and sociable. They’re also extremely sensible. They don’t stress frivolous matters like we humans so often tend to do. Their main objective is to show how much they appreciate you, because they know how much it boosts your morale.

We wanted to do something fun in the office to recognize our canine companions, so we organized our First Annual ‘Bring Your Dog to Work’ Day. We gave everybody “doggie bags” with treats and had our own dog show. It was so much fun for both the animals and our office staff, and we can’t wait to continue this new tradition.

Everyone collaborated and we created a list of awards based on the personalities of the dogs. They seemed very proud of their award ribbons!


There was no need to worry if the dogs would be too distracting … they actually increased productivity!


It was very clear who each dog belonged to … they all loved their owners so much!


They also LOVED their doggie bags … so much that they kept trying to sneak them!


It was definitely one of the best days in the office! You can see the rest of the adorable images we took below!


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