To many, the phrases, conveyors, material handling, and industrial equipment seem foreign and complicated. However, according to recent findings, it appears that you may want to familiarize yourself with these terms. Sales of material handling products are predicted to skyrocket from $101 billion in 2014 to upwards of $140 billion by 2018.

Freedonia senior industry analyst Mike Deneen shares his thoughts on the relationships causing this considerable increase.  “It’s not just a matter of finding, say, lift truck parts, which are available anywhere. Now companies are looking for suppliers who can deal with the hardware, software and the entire package going forward. They’re looking for more of a relationship, and more suppliers are working to provide the whole package as opposed to any one piece. That’s a trend even beyond durable goods.”
You may ask, “What does this all mean?” Well, as much as demand will play an imperative role to the upsurge of material handling in the future, an important aspect of this increase will be the relationships businesses make with the suppliers. As with many industries, businesses feel more comfortable with suppliers they know and trust. We want to form connections, not just contracts. Also our customers need the entire installation process to be handled from start to finish. Turnkey solutions are essential to the future of this boom.

Relationships are the core of any business. As a company, Associated Beach and Coulson wants to know that we are helping our customers in any way that we can. In order to fulfill these strong predictions for 2018, we need to ensure that trust and respect has been established. This is an exhilarating time to be in the business of material handling, and we hope that we can share a wonderful experience with anyone who chooses to join us.