It’s the same question that we all know to ask ourselves before we go into business on our own, but having the answer is the real requisite for success… “What sets us apart from our competitors?”

We asked our project managers at Asbeco what they find to be most important to our customers … the response was “schedule and quality”. Customers expect a clean installation that is done on time. In order to grow, a company needs to distinguish itself from competitors or similar businesses. Every business strives to give exceptional service, and keeping focus on your customers needs at all times is key to a long-lasting client relationship. These two items are applicable to nearly every industry. We’ve detailed how these factors can affect your business below.


SCHEDULE: A huge contributor to project failure is neglecting to spend enough time at the beginning of the project to properly schedule. There are critical activities that must be accomplished and agreed on before production. These activities include clearly defining the project and product scope; including needs, goals, objectives, drivers and constraints. When developers jump into design without really understanding the reason for developing the product, and what it is they are supposed to do, it can slow down the progress of the job. Keep in mind that if new services are requested during the project then the schedule, and perhaps cost, must be adjusted accordingly as well. Change doesn’t have to go without a fee, but your customer will strongly take into account the ease at which you adjust your team’s objectives to meet theirs.

QUALITY: Quality leads to customer loyalty. The customer will always expect superlative work, and when they don’t get this they will not hesitate to seek alternative options. The level of commitment to quality will establish a strong reputation, and lead to greater client loyalty. Companies can build a reputation for quality by gaining accreditation with a recognized quality standard. Asbeco implements a Management System, certified by QAS according to Standard ISO 9001; and this is just one way that demonstrates our efforts to provide quality products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.


These attributes are necessary, because they will truly distinguish your business from your competitors. To start brainstorming on ways you can bring quality to your customers, think of the things you always do for the customer as well as some things you would never do. Be sure to include these items in your marketing collateral, and establish a stringent policy for customer service within the company.