In business today, internships are becoming increasingly advantageous for current students or recent college graduates. It seems that experiencing an internship is the new norm. Why have internships become so important lately? Is it really necessary for graduates to have an internship experience under their belt before approaching the real world? Although internships are not a requirement to achieve your perfect work position, there are incredible benefits in becoming an intern with the right company.

First things first, it’s experience! You’re getting your feet wet in the job sector you desire with professionals that have been in this field for many years. The education you can receive from this involvement alone is worth its weight. Almost certainly, you will not be sitting in a classroom being told what to do. You will actually be doing the work, and learning first hand how to productively accomplish your goals. Additionally, there will most likely be guidance from someone who is trained specifically for this job, and can give real, specialized support to help you learn. This is an advantage that you will not be able to gain from school.

Internships are also a great way to start networking. Show up to the job early, meet as many people as you can, ask questions, and get involved. This will benefit tremendously in the long run. Co-workers will remember you as the hard-working, actively involved intern, and will subsequently want to work with you again in the future. Starting your career is a tremendous stage of life, and it is extremely beneficial to start out on the right foot. Often times, internships may lead to full time positions. You can check out even more insights from the life of an intern here.

Associated Beach and Coulson is always looking to provide experiential opportunities to workers. We value interns and are dedicated to providing them with a quality work experience. For more information on internship opportunities with Associated Beach and Coulson, please contact Christie Pierce at